Leading our community in a collaborative effort to impact health, wellness and social issues.
Since its inception in 1995, the Coalition for Healthy Communities has been making a difference and changing lives in the Zion-Benton Community.
With its mission to create "A Community Without Barriers”, the Coalition has united the efforts of Zion, Beach Park and Winthrop Harbor
to confront the issues facing our communities. By working together, we can accomplish more than we ever could alone.

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I attended the Coalition for Healthy Communities meeting on February 5th for the first time. My reaction to the meeting is that it was very pleasant and welcoming of new services that can be shared with others. This was an energizing way to start the morning and it was wonderful to hear about the various services that are being provided in Zion and Benton townships! I can say that as an advocate assisting residents of Lake and McHenry counties, I found this shared information to be beneficial for everyone in attendance. I feel that I am better equipped to share information and provide referrals to these additional organizations providing services in our county after this meeting. Thanks to the Coalition for Healthy Communities I have gained a better understanding of what is available to the community we serve and I look forward to learning more about the Coalition!!

Claudia Mancera
Program Director
Lake County Center for Independent Living